Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Will be at “Too HOT 2 Handle”?


Here’s a list of who will be there to spoil you with choices for your shopping treats:
  • Ugly Duckling Closet
  • Rara Black
  • Soak Republic
  • Baci
  • Oh Popsicles!
  • Dandelion’s Kisses 
  • My Vintage Garden
  • Fab’louz Butiq
  • Lush Serendipity
  • The Sticker Monster
  • Twist&Curl
  • Nakalicious
  • Tasty Cherry Chapstick
  • A Season in Summer
  • D Looking Glass
  • Emmy Cubic
  • Checker Chex
  • My Favouritees
  • Sassy Chic
  • Soul Chic
  • The Kooky Thing
  • Peep Boutique
  • Club Mod 
  • Culprit Deck
  • The Closette
  • Vego
  • Blackmilk Project
  • The Aura Gems
  • Itsy Beadsy
  • Delicious Poison
  • Lemaree Boutique
  • Xoxo Chic 
  • Nanano Boutique
  • Sugar Dressing
  • Those Neon Lights
  • Tanks for 5 
  • Daulay's Boutique
  • Me Love x Vigilant
  • My Closet Giggles
That’s not all, sign up for your Ladies VIP Card and be entitled to shopping discounts with them! Woot! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now
First 200 early birds to redeem their Ladies VIP Card on 10th April will receive a goodies bag! So be sure to come early on that day

Check out the Facebook Event Page for more info! See you there *winks*

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