Friday, January 1, 2010

25.12.09 – Christmas with Steve Aoki

Christmas for 2009 at Ministry of Sound – Euphoria was a blast with none other than the renowned DJ Steve Aoki rocking the house all night long with us. It certainly made Christmas for us a merry season to celebrate and all the more reasons to party too!

A shirt signing session, or rather, an autograph session was held between 11.30pm to 12.00am for the fans and boy, were they happy that Christmas to receive such a gift from the man himself. After all, it isn't every day that we have Steve Aoki in town and a gift like this is worth more than money can buy

_LWM4081 _LWM4112


With many happy smiles and fans later, we were ready to party through the night

“Are you ready Malaysia??”


“YES WE ARE!!” cheers the fans and the crowd goes wild! It was indeed an unforgettable Christmas party and we’re privileged to have Steve Aoki to party with us for the night

_LWM4309  _LWM4341

Here are some of the crowd that were present for this awesome event, we hope you had a great Christmas with us at Ministry of Sound - Euphoria

_MY95607 _MY95609 _MY95624 _MY95633

 _MY95653  _MY95689

_MY95694 _MY95705  _MY95725 _MY95732 _MY95734 _MY95743 _MY95744 _MY95953

Did you spot yourself there in the photos? Be sure to drop us a comment to let us know. Share your experience during the night as well too. We love feedback from our guests

That’s not the end of it because Steve Aoki had some surprises up his sleeve, by jumping up on the table and also popping a bottle of champagne for the crowd! What an awesome Christmas party and gift to us all


It was definitely one of the best Christmas we’ve had and also for Ministry of Sound – Euphoria and we hope it was the same for you too

Miss that event? Not to worry as we have bigger, better and more exciting events lined up for you in 2010!

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