Friday, January 1, 2010

24.12.09 – Christmas Eve

Were you naughty or nice last Christmas?

We had Santa in the house to determine that along with his ever so helpful elf and plenty of Sanatarinas for the night as well too. Were you one during that night?

See if you recognise anyone in the photos below or maybe even spot yourself amongst there:

_MY93259 _MY93286 _MY93293 _MY93298 _MY93354 _MY93360 _MY93367 _MY93384 

We had plenty of performers all dressed up for the occasion as well too. We hope you enjoyed yourselves because we only enjoy Christmas once every year

_MY93443 _MY93444 _MY93456 _MY93467    _MY93511 _MY93616
 _MY93624 _MY93622_MY93628 _MY93474_MY93639  _MY93657
Whether you were naughty or nice, it certainly was a blast during the night as we celebrated Christmas together at Ministry of Sound – EUPHORIA! We hope that the enjoyable experience during the night made it on the list of one of your favourite presents received because we certainly felt so

Stay tuned with us for more events to come in 2010!

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