Thursday, January 13, 2011

Theme Party Series: Night Class: In Session

Our monthly theme party series kicks off with Night Class: In Session

It’s a brand new year 2011 and classes are back in session *groans* Assignments, studying, waking up early for classes and the worst of all, exams? We are so not looking forward to it and are just starting to enjoy the holidays. Why do the holidays always have to end so quickly?

Fret not fellow students, for Ministry of Sound – EUPHORIA has prepared a special class for you this year. Introducing the subject of the class: “Partying 101” – all you ever need to know about having fun at parties after dark. We are teaching you how to party, in uniform! Now, this is a class you definitely do not want to miss!  

This night class is taking place four nights in a row:

All in school uniform costume are entitled to FREE beer and cocktails!

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