Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Steve Aoki FREE PASSES Giveaway Winners


We know how much you love to party with Steve Aoki and it was truly reflected in your blog posts alright! This has been the most interesting campaign we’ve had and also the one we have received most entries for. Thank you guys and congratulations to the 15 winners with the most creative posts!
In no particular order, they are:
  • Adli Syahril Bin Khirul Anuar
  • Mahirah Ahmad Helmi
  • Jessica Suhanda
  • Shri Prasham Paramesshwaran
  • Loon Mun Loong
  • Chee Yun Sam
  • Bee Cher Wei
  • Fadly Bin. Ahmad Bakhtiar
  • Loh Sher Ling, Sharon
  • Lim Pueh Tian
  • Andre Giovanni Griffin
  • Muhammad Yusri bin. Abdul Rahim
  • Muhammad Fikri bin. Mohd Arif
  • Yuen Jan Li
  • Kelvin Tan Tien Min
Congratulations all, you have won yourself a pair of FREE PASSES for Steve Aoki! Enjoy the night with one friend for Steve Aoki this Saturday!

All winners have been notified via e-mail. If you did not win, fret not because there are plenty more campaigns coming your way

>> Launch of TRANCE NATION Free Passes Giveaway

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