Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LiQ! Grand Launch + Uniform Party Part II

Can’t get enough of the uniform party that we had during LiQ!’s GRAND LAUNCH the other night? Feast your eyes on more shots that we managed to capture for the event

We had DJ Funkzu & DJ Monkey spinning for the night to spice up the night! Enjoyed what they did for the night? Well guess what, they will be back for LiQ! tomorrow night as well too. Put your name down for guest list here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=266040337366&index=1

IMG_9578IMG_9577 IMG_9551IMG_3423IMG_3469IMG_3413 IMG_3395IMG_3375 IMG_3342IMG_3333 IMG_3304IMG_3288 IMG_3280IMG_3233 IMG_3227IMG_3224IMG_3222IMG_3230    IMG_3215IMG_3213

Whether it was the performers or the guests, almost everyone was dressed up for the night. Thank you for being sporting because it wouldn’t have been even half as awesome if it weren’t for you guys!

Spot yourself amongst the photos? Feel free to drop us a comment to let us know because we love feedback from you guys
Stay tuned as we bring you more events for 2010

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