Friday, January 1, 2010


Did you know?

• There are 118 speakers in EUPHORIA to ensure the brilliant sound is audible everywhere (except the bathrooms!)

• Its sound system comprises over 100,000 watts – the same amount of power could lift a small aircraft

• DJ booth has more controls than the cockpit of a 747 aircraft. 10 individual computers are dedicated to operating sound, lighting and cranes

• 2 fully vibrating dance floors (even MoS London only has one) – this adds another dimension to the powerful sound and amazing lights, and is a definite first for Malaysia

• The sound insulation could cover the Surf Wave Pool at the Theme Park, or a soccer field, not only for better sound quality but to prevent noise pollution to the outside world

• The electric cabling can stretch from here to KLIA and back, to drive sound, light and equipment

• We also have an American Express Train 5 tone air horn, and an American Emergency Services multi-use siren (don’t ask how and where we obtained them!), to further add effect and excitement

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