Friday, January 29, 2010

31.12.2009 – New Year’s Ever

Counting down to a brand new year and a new decade at the same time only at the best dance floors by Ministry of Sound – EUPHORIA:

_MY96123 _MY96127   _MY96138 _MY96139 _MY96142 _MY96143 _MY96149 _MY96153 _MY96159 _MY96163 _MY96165 _MY96167
_MY96184 _MY96188 _MY96190 _MY96192 _MY96194 _MY96200  
Not to forget the performers that we brought in for the night:

_MY96204 _MY96206 _MY96257 _MY96258 _MY96287 _MY96288 _MY96291 _MY96295_MY96293 _MY96297 _MY96301 _MY96305 _MY96307 _MY96343 _MY96386 _MY96388 _MY96423 _MY96426
With the awesome lights, performances and music, we definitely ushered in 2010 with a bang!

Thank you all for those who made it that night, because it wouldn’t have been anywhere near that awesome if it weren’t for you guys. If you spot yourself there in the photos, feel free to leave us a comment because we’d love to hear from you

Stay tuned as we bring in more events for 2010!

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