Friday, January 1, 2010

31.10.09 - Halloween Masquerade Mayhem

Halloween is the most fun time of the year where everyone dresses up to party! At Ministry of Sound Euphoria, that’s exactly what we did: A Halloween Masquerade Mayhem

We set up the stage with the creepiest and scariest deco to create the mood for Halloween. Check out some of the props that we had for the night


We had an assortment costumes by the guests ranging from scary ghosts to super heroes to pirates to angels and devils and plenty of others party-ing the night away with costumes you’d only catch them in once in a year!

19338_1328754984765_1407663607_954368_4535839_n 19338_1328755024766_1407663607_954369_3651771_n  19338_1328755104768_1407663607_954371_7212048_n  19338_1328755184770_1407663607_954373_3892806_n
  19338_1328755264772_1407663607_954375_7030882_n 19338_1328755544779_1407663607_954382_6407610_n
19338_1328755304773_1407663607_954376_7623682_n 19338_1328755344774_1407663607_954377_5562387_n 19338_1328755384775_1407663607_954378_2432243_n 19338_1328755424776_1407663607_954379_1984437_n 19338_1328755464777_1407663607_954380_1767599_n 19338_1328755504778_1407663607_954381_5048798_n  19338_1328755584780_1407663607_954383_4392667_n 19338_1328755624781_1407663607_954384_6844035_n  19338_1328755784785_1407663607_954388_7142099_n19338_1328755704783_1407663607_954386_5047850_n19338_1328755664782_1407663607_954385_7683037_n   19338_1328755824786_1407663607_954389_4170410_n  19338_1328755904788_1407663607_954391_4047154_n   19338_1328755864787_1407663607_954390_6726862_n
Scary, funny, super heroes, professionals we got ‘em all under one roof for Halloween ‘09. Did you spot yourself in the photos there? Do leave us a comment and let us know. Do share your experience with us as well too, we love feedback from you guys

Don’t worry if you missed out on this event last year because 2010 is lined up with bigger, better and more exciting events. Stay tuned to find out more

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