Friday, January 1, 2010

02.10.09 – Vandalism & HOT Magazine’s 5th Anniversary

In conjunction with HOT Magazine’s 5th Anniversary, DJ pair Vandalism was at Ministry of Sound – EUPHORIA to celebrate the night with us! It isn’t everyday that we get a duo in the house so we certainly hope that you made your way there that night to enjoy it!

Here are some of the shots that we managed to get:

HOT_063 HOT_180 HOT_187 HOT_192 HOT_211 HOT_231 HOT_232 HOT_233 HOT_234 HOT_235
All happy smile around. We hope you were one of the many as well too

Spotted yourself in the pictures? Do drop us a comment to let us know! We love feedback from our guests

Do stay tuned with us for more upcoming events as we have lined up 2010 with bigger, better and more exciting events for this new decade

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